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My wife and I have been client of David Garcia at Vault Mortgage since 2010. We refinanced our condo and were able to lower our overall monthly payments AND turn our 30-year fixed loan into a 15-year fixed. David worked with us every step of the way and made the process easy.Just over a year later, another, larger condo unit in our complex came up for sale, and we decided to buy it and rent out our smaller unit. We needed an FHA loan, and our realtor hooked us up with a mortgage broker, but we were VERY uncomfortable with his methods and found some disturbing information about his company on the web. So, we contacted David, and he really went to bat for us, working tirelessly to secure our FHA loan when things looked grim. Within less than 3 months, the condo was ours! Since then, when property values were going up, David helped us refinance both of our condos, including getting out of our FHA loan and into a conventional loan for our primary residence and, once again, lowering our overall monthly payments. David helped us to become more financially secure than we have been for a decade! Thanks, David, and to your team!

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